Thoughts on the 2012 Election

As the sun rose this morning and the results of the election became reality, the fact still remains that the American people and America are no better off, and in some instances may be worse off. There was a time not so long ago when we would have pulled together and worked through our differences because we all realized that we were on the same team. Now we are facing a new chapter in American History that may very well be the precursor to the final chapter. We have more and more people worried about what the government is going to do or provide for them we have lost sight of the principals and ideals that this nation was founded on. Hard work and self reliance have become archaic principals of a by gone era.

We have a President elected that will continue to push his socialist policies while we have a house of representatives controlled by the Republicans that will do everything they can to stop the President from doing what he thinks is right. They both have lost sight of what is important and that is the interests of the American people. The real truth is that at this point in time, that this is the best we can do. We have no strong leadership on either side of the aisle. Our political process is so polarized and bastardized that it is highly unlikely that anything will be accomplished. In some respects it seems that is really what the government wants. Hand the electorate a few proverbial lollipops to suck on pat us on the head and shoo us away from actually trying to pay attention to what they are doing. No matter what party you support you have to realize that with the election of 2012 we did not observe a victory of party but a slow agonizing death thro of the American way of life. America has become a sad shell of the mighty giant that it once was. Not weakened from external foes but from rot and decay within. We are lesser people of greater sires as we truly do not live up to the legacy of our founding fathers. We no longer have a society that wants to make things better for their fellow man. Everyone is now worried about self, and that worry is festering in the heart of America like a cancer. Our fate has also been sealed by our inability to move away from a two party process that does more to hinder ideas and progress than it can even attempt to claim that it helps. John Adams once said, “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader…this in my humble apprehension is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under the constitution.” This sentiment was also one that Washington warned us of in his farewell address after leaving the Presidency. We need a political climate in this country that truly represents the makeup of this nation without trying to ignore where and how the system has evolved.

Republicans and Democrats alike are both wolves in sheep’s clothing that are no longer influenced by the American people but more by the large monetary donors that finance their campaigns. In this past election cycle to hear someone say that they merely voted for a candidate because of their ethnic background truly shows how ignorant and petty our elections and our nation’s people have become. We have people in this country that can not tell you where Mt Rushmore is or even where the Grand Canyon is. We have people that do not know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, nor can they tell you the significance of either document much less the importance of the amendments to the Constitution. Yet they revel in the liberties and freedoms it guarantees and have the audacity to demand that their wants should be catered to. Our younger generations for the most part are uneducated buffoons that know more about who Snooki is screwing than the importance of the issues that are facing the survival and continued survival of our nation. Yet it is not their fault. My friends it is our fault and the generation before ours fault. We have failed them and ourselves. We dropped the ball we were content to become complacent and we stood by and watched as slowly each and every liberty we have ever enjoyed has been circumvented and raped by our government. We have stood by and allowed the government to become the welfare state it has by allowing people to live off the backs and work of others. It truly is a sad day when we have allowed our government to become the livelihood of many Americans.

We have conditioned our people that they no longer have to work for what they have. We have conditioned them to no longer pull themselves up by their own boot straps but look to the government for help and assistance. We have taken accountability and responsibility for one’s self and thrown it out the window. It is now the great privilege of the working few to maintain the classless lazy populous that has no desire to do or be anything. Like a succubus they drain the life essence from our country and its economy. In the international realm we have become the tyranny we fought so hard to become free of. The only hope for this nation is that we collectively realize that we are all Americans. We need to drop the notion of African Americans, Irish Americans, Muslim Americans, White Americans because they do not exist. We are simply Americans. When we are able to move past these labels and we are able to embrace the fact that we are all simply Americans we may be able to salvage something for the future. If we choose not to unite then we can almost ensure ourselves that the nation we were born in and loved will not be the nation that we hand to our children and their children. In the words of Kennedy, “Our most basic common link is we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” The time to wake up is now. Think people! The time to make America great again is upon us. The challenge is before us will we rise to the occasion or will we merely become a laughable side note to the past greatness of our nation.

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