The Real State of the Union

After we heard the lies from our President last night I thought we might as well take a look at the real state of the union. Since our President vowed he would not rest until anyone can find a good job he has taken 57 days of vacation. He promised in 2008 that he promised that he would eliminate nuclear weapons in North Korea. As we continue to sink into financial crisis we are continually told we are in a recovery. The facts are plain; from 1948 until 2009 the United States only had 39 months where unemployment was over 8%. Since Obama has been President we have had over 43 months with unemployment over 8 % in 2009 – 2012. Before many of you say he inherited the recession from George Bush the truth still remains that the housing bubble that burst was ordered by President Clinton when he brokered to have everyone financed whether they could afford to pay back the loan or not. We still have troops all over the world. During the election Vice President Biden said the troops were coming home and played to sympathies of a nation wearied by war, but yet now they have even decided that the timeline they set was too ambitious and the troops in fact are not coming home. We still are no closer to learning what happened in Benghazi as the Obama administration seems to manufacture crisis after crisis to deflect attention from his failed economic and social policies. We are continuing to slide ever so closer to the socialist state since we are always told that the reason we are in the shape that we are is due to capitalism. In 2008 Obama charged that “Seal Team 6 was Vice President Cheney’s private assassination team” and proclaimed that “Bin Laden was innocent until proven guilty and must be captured alive and given a fair trial” Then in 2011 he authorizes Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden. Obama also told us in 2008 that “Guantanamo is entirely unnecessary and the detainees should not be interrogated.” Now his story has changed once again in 2011 he said, “Vital intelligence was obtained from Guantanamo detainees that led to locating Bin Laden.” It is obvious that this man talks just to hear himself talk as his words have no meaning to him. It truly is amazing the depth he went to deceive the American people when he was running for office and how his true beliefs were night and day from what he promised during his first and second campaigns. Then there comes the biggest tax hike in American history, Obamacare. The cost of Obamacare is so staggering that it alone threatens to cost more jobs and add over 2 trillion more dollars to the national debt. It has caused insurance premiums to rise and not decrease as Obama and his cronies swore up and down that they would decrease, and of course then Mr. Obama opted out to include himself and Congress from this mandated health care because evidently it is not up to the standard that he wants for his family, but it was good enough to pass on to the American people. The time for change is upon us. The changes that President Obama has brought, and wants to bring to this nation have hampered business and the economy and has even jeopardized the national security of the United States. The mere notion of suspending our rights as he has continued through the suspension of Habeas Corpus with the NDAA where he can detainee anyone indefinitely without giving them access to the courts and even thinking that he has the authority to mandate that he will executive order the second amendment out. While my heart does truly break for the people killed in the movie theater and the kids killed in Newtown let us be very clear guns did not kill those people. Evil people killed them. Guns are an inanimate object that can do nothing without the direction of people, but we have more attacks on the second amendment than we ever have. We have the likes of Piers Morgan standing on the graves of the dead proclaiming that gun control and new laws are the means to make things safer for all Americans. In reality if we do what they did in his country of origin violent crime would in fact rise as the UK has 65% more violent crime than the United States, but that fact and many others get brushed aside because they are not in the agenda that is being forced onto the American people. In 1985 the spending power of the dollar was double what it is now. We have continually seen the value of our currency and our lifestyles decrease. We have drones spying on American citizens and now we have the word of our government that they will not be armed. What happened to the fact that they should not be there in the first place. Mr. Obama has called for smarter government but I fear his idea of a smarter government is a still bigger government that tries to take more control of our everyday lives. I would vote instead of a smarter government let’s have a smarter President, better yet let’s have a smarter electorate that does not allow the lies to permeate and decay our political process. Let’s have a smarter government that does not try to bypass the Constitution and shrinks the framework of our nation’s checks and balances. Let us have a smarter government that does not continue an agenda of killing the very American dream that each of us have in our hearts by over regulation, idiotic emphasis on global warming, and increased taxes that do nothing but hurt consumer confidence and cause small business to pay workers less and create fewer jobs. Let us have a smarter government that realizes the restrictions placed on it by the Constitution and realizes that the power entrusted to them is not theirs but the Peoples. America can no longer afford to cater to the whims of madmen. The old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely, nothing could show that principle now more than looking at the Government of the United States led by Barack Obama. The real state of the union my friends is we are in shambles, we have no economic compass or path to bring us to more stable ground, we have a President content on pitting us against each other and prompting class warfare and even to some degree racial warfare. The time has come to throw the political correctness out the window and realize that the bastards work for us and we can fire them. The real change that needs to come to Washington is the concept of servitude. These people are our servants yet they act more like Lords of the manor it is time to remind them the true definition of Liberty and the true foundations of what America is based on and that we are not servants to them at their beckon call. The real problem with all of our political woes can be summed up in two words; Democrats and Republicans!

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