Song of Durin

Today was quite rainy and foggy at Beggars Tomb. Was a great day to spend reading! I have been on a Tolkien kick again here lately. Surprise surprise! And as always I am amazed at the depth of the world that Tolkien was able to create. One of my favorite poems of his is the Song of Durin. If you are not familiar with Tolkien the song of Durin was sung by Gimili to the Fellowship as they traveled through the dark depths of Moria. Sam Gamgee had just called Moria “darksome holes”

The world was young, the mountains green, no stain yet on the Moon was seen,
No words were laid on stream or stone, when Durin woke and walked alone. He named the nameless hills and dells, he drank from yet untasted wells,
He stooped and looked in Mirrormere, and saw a crown of stars appear,
As gems upon a silver thread, above the shadow of his head. The world was fair, the mountains tall, in Elder Days before the fall
Of mighty Kings in Nargothrond, and Gondolin, who now beyond
The Western Seas have passed away: The world was fair in Durin’s Day. A king he was on carven throne, in many-pillared halls of stone,
With golden roof and silver floor, and runes of power upon the door.
The light of sun and star and moon, in shining lamps of crystal hewn
Undimmed by cloud or shade of night, there shone forever fair and bright. There hammer on the anvil smote, there chisel clove, and graver wrote,
There forged was blade and bound was hilt, the delver mined, the mason built.
There beryl, pearl, and opal pale, and metal wrought like fishes’ mail,
Buckler and corslet, axe and sword, and shining spears were laid in hoard. Unwearied then were Durin’s folk, beneath the mountains music woke,
The harpers harped, the minstrels sang, and at the gates the trumpets rang. The world is grey, the mountains old, the forge’s fire is ashen-cold,
No harp is wrung, no hammer falls, the darkness dwells in Durin’s halls,
The shadow lies upon his tomb, in Moria, in Khazad-dûm. But still the sunken stars appear, in dark and windless Mirrormere,
There lies his crown in water deep, till Durin wakes again from sleep. Till Durin wakes from sleep..

The Song of Durin is essentially a creation story! After many times of reading this I had a certain melody in my mind of what it sounded like. It was not until I stumbled across a You Tube video that the tune in my mind was actually playing. After hearing this I can only say that this is what Tolkien had to have in mind when he wrote the words. Colin John Rudd does an amazing job! No matter how many times I pick up Tolkien’s works I always find something new. I have mentioned it once and I will saw it again, Tolkien without a doubt is one of if not the greatest authors of the modern era.

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