Paula Deen and the “N” word

What a beautiful day at Beggars Tomb today. I made it to the tea shop and restocked my Earl Grey supplies in time to lubricate my grey matter to try and wrap my head around this issue with Paula Deen. What in the world are we so worried about, and why is something that was said twenty years ago so important? I guess I will piss some people off with this but oh well.

Paula grew up in the South in the 60′s, as I did in the 70’s. I also have heard that word thrown around by family members and friends more times than the book “Gone With the Wind” has punctuation marks . In 40+ years I myself have been guilty of uttering the word as well. However, this is not the 60′s or the 70’s and I know now as Paula does it is a derogatory and offensive word. I denounce it being uttered by anyone for any reason. I would be very regretful if it slipped out from my mouth in private and mortified if in public. This incident with Paula happened twenty years ago and I am not excusing her use of a slur but come on people we all evolve as culture and people, and attitudes can and do change. We become more enlightened, I hope. Paula is being unfairly demonized as a George Wallace Neo-Nazi disciple by the same people that preach and promote political correctness and condone the use of the word by others. Even George won his last Governorship with the black vote.

Since this one word is such a flash-point and has such bad connotations, I cannot understand why it is perfectly acceptable and even a necessity for a black rapper to use with intentional derogatory reference, yet they are rewarded million$ for dropping the ‘N’ word in every line of their songs and made today’s role models. Nothing good is going on here except glorifying and giving life support to an ugly word that now today’s young people think is acceptable as long as your gangster cool and slurping down cough syrup. Just like we were taught in the 70′s. Yes, if she were to make a slur against any group today she deserves a righteous chastising for being closed minded and not evolving as a person. For now to me it appears a bit hypocritical to slam Paula and not slam any artist or person that uses the word whether they are white or black.

So what happens because of this, Paula’s show gets cancelled, she loses her endorsements and no longer shows us the right way to cook collard greens, and I may not be able to complete my cookware set in all matching colors. In the meantime the rapper group ‘Collard Greens’ and the cough syruped up Lil Wheezy and every other rapper sprinkle the word like pepper over the airwaves and into the minds of everyone that chooses to listen to their garbage. There is no difference between a person of color saying the word or a white person saying the word, and the definition does not change just because one ethnic group uses it and drops the “er” for an “a” at the end.

Honestly, what are the rules and who is making them because there are a few words I find offensive that keep getting thrown at me that I want to get banned and demonized. All of us have personal responsibility to do what’s right and that means we cannot have it both ways. Police yourself not everyone else. Paula has had a good face slap now everyone needs to back off, maybe its time to look a little closer at all the ways the word is being used an clean up all of our popular culture including rappers before we start going on a witch hunt and single out one person.

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