Patches Passing Anniversary

This festive time of year is not very festive for many reasons. The only 2 things that we are guaranteed in life is that we are going to lose loved ones and that eventually we to shall die and embark on a new journey. I must saw so far in my life there have been 3 hard losses and there are three huge holes in my heart. It is the 1 year anniversary of my best friend having to embark on a new journey without me. I would like to say that the hole he left has healed and that the missing and looking for him has stopped but it hasn’t. I have pinpointed that it was that final moment when he left that all the color seems to have left my world. His blankets are just where he left them so is his pillow. His toys are tucked neatly away in his toy chest and there are many days I still look for him when I get home, forgetting that he had to go. I would simply ask that as he travels the road he is on now that he stops often and looks back and keeps his ears perked for soon he will see and hear me coming up the path behind him.

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