I Do not see a Disservice. I see a Glimmer of Hope

Reading John McCain’s comments regarding Rand Paul’s filibuster borderlines on the absurd.
I think it is apparent through the sentiments that I have seen that Rand Paul is far more positive
than what Mr. McCain and his “old guard” like to see. If McCain and his friends think that it is unimportant
to make sure that this sitting President knows and understands the limitation put on him by the Constitution then he is wrong.
Considering the comments made by Eric Holder about the Constitutionality of drone strikes previously and the inability of the White House t
o give a definitive answer, I feel that Rand Paul did the correct thing and stood up for what he believes in and what
every American should believe in; Liberty and the security of those Liberties. McCain, Graham and the others are indicative
of the issues within the Republican Party and in Washington in general. Far too much is already conducted behind closed doors and
deals are brokered to satisfy the whims and the pockets of those creating them. The inability of McCain to realize that the American
people be they Democrat , Republican or Independent desperately want change to sweep through Washington and the entire political process.
No matter what your views are unless we are invaded you cannot bring war time policies to apply to individual citizens on the sovereign soil
of the United States. To even hint that Congress or the office of President even remotely has the authority or the power to carry out such a
strike shows exactly how much our esteemed Senators view the validity of the Constitution and the rights it guarantees. I sincerely believe
that Americans are waking up to the plight of our vanishing Liberty and they no longer are willing to sit by and watch as they are further
eroded by the bureaucrats in Washington. If Mr. McCain, Mr. Graham and the others like them are as true to the ideals and principles that
they expound then they should have been on the floor with Mr. Paul demanding answers as well as many that stand on the other side of the
aisle as well. Mr. McCain is part of the contingent in Washington that has no idea of the plight of the average American or what the
American people want, especially since he saw fit to take to the floor of the Senate and chastise Senator Paul. He said,
“All I can say is that I don’t think that what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people,” What is not helpful
Mr. McCain is you and others like you continuing to stand by and be a party of the trampling of the Constitution.
At one time I considered you a great man willing to stand up for what you believed no matter what as you had in the past,
but it is now clear that the time for you to ride off into the sunset is upon us. Even Newt Gingrich has noticed the change
in John McCain. “I’m really disappointed in John McCain, and I’m very saddened by it,” Gingrich continued.
“McCain in his younger years was a great maverick. He took on his party all the time.”
If these out of touch Senators spent more time active executing their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution
instead of pandering to special interest, bowing to a want to be dictator, and sitting idly by as the rights of the American people are
systematically taken away and destroyed this nation would not be in the decline that it is in now. While I am all for candid and constructive
conversations that end with results the track record for McCain caving into the pressures of Washington are too great.
He is one of the many who have bought into the flawed foreign policies this nation has been operating under for the last 100 years,
and he and the others are a product of the environment that they were put into and cut their teeth on and unwilling to accept and
embrace change in their party much less change in the nation. If he and others feel that sequestration is cutting the heart and soul
out of the military then he either has forgotten how to read or is incapable of performing basic math. The sequestration in the simplest
terms is let’s say you have a budget of 1000.00 a month, all you would have to find in order to make the cuts is 23.00. If this paltry sum
is going to make the military hollow as he suggests then I would suggest that it was hollow before. The Constitution makes it very clear that
the President’s job as the chief executive is to make the government work if he does something that intentionally hinders the security of the
nation then that is an impeachable action. If a body that is used to spending 250 dollars on a hammer and can lose track of trillions of
Pentagon dollars spent then exactly how much harm can 85 Billion dollars do? The answer is simple, none. McCain and the others have become
what they hated the most, lifetime incumbents whose time is past. I think with the filibuster you are beginning to see the new face of
American politics and representatives of the people. The People for far too long have been saddled with policies and actions that have
limited and taken away our freedoms and now that we have some representation that will not go quietly in the night and will stand for the
Constitution and exercise the right and ability to question the President and his administration to ensure their compliance with the
Constitution as they have taken oaths to do, all I can say is Mr. McCain it is time for you to retire Mr. McCain has said, “We’ve done,
I think, a disservice to a lot of Americans by making them think that somehow they’re in danger from their government,” I would argue that
we are in danger from our government as they continue to erode the principles and freedoms that this nation was founded on and that you will
find that more and more Americans are unwilling to trade Liberty for security.

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