I am a white, a male, and a Christian. My government says it is OK to Discriminate Against Me!

I will start this blog here and tell you that common sense should have already told you… if you don’t like it nor the topic, do not read any further. I promise my feelings will not be hurt cause odds are if you are afraid to read about the topic and have a constructive conversation you are more than likely part of the problem. And if you are just reading this in order to make snide comments and not offer anything of value then you truly have too much time on your hands. I think a major issue with our country today is the idea of political correctness. People are scared to voice their opinions for fear of being labeled something that they are not. The suppression of people’s thoughts and ideas make this country less full and less vibrant. The fear of sharing a thought or opinion just because there is an off chance that someone may get offended is asinine. But time and time again people are chastised and vilified for their thoughts and opinions ranging from various topics race to politics. Political correctness really boils down to a governmental imposed system of manners. It isn’t enough that the government is now attempting to run everything from health care to newspapers, but for the last 20 years or so, they have slowly been taking over how we think, talk, act, and behave in our own homes and businesses. What was once the job of common sense and good manners is now being forced upon us by the idiots, morons and buffoons living off the government as our supposed civil servants? Political correctness robs the American people of their Freedom of Speech, of course the other side of that coin is the, sue happy climate we live in. What happened to the maxim of our childhood sticks and stones? Being politically correct is an essential aspect of liberal orthodoxy and socialistic agenda being pushed onto the American people. According to liberals, Americans should be able to live their entire lives free from offense of any kind. In fact, liberals have turned taking offense into an art form. To Thin-skinned liberals, few things are more offensive than the supposed trauma of hurt feelings and the fact that someone has an opinion that contradicts what they think the American ideal is. This is why left-leaning colleges and universities—most colleges and universities—have adopted speech codes as a way to enforce political correctness. These codes are supposed to ensure that no one will ever suffer the insidious ignominy of hurt feelings—no one that is except Christians, conservatives, and middle-aged white males. These three groups can be demonized and bastardized at will, but heaven forbid if a comment is made about a black man or an illegal alien. One of the principals we were founded on I believe is the ability of someone to speak one’s mind. I know there are many people that disagree with me and that is fine. I get called names all the time, and that is fine. I suppose the main difference between myself and others that tend to think words hold power of them is that they are merely words and I am not defined by the words or opinions of others. I see many people going out of their way to side step situations simply because they are afraid of how people will react to situations. I suppose the main example of this would be situations with black Americans and the trials and tribulations that were overcome to secure civil rights. But did Martin Luther King really envision a world where the majority of young people black or white are not smart enough to name our Presidents or tell us where Mount Rushmore is. Is what our society has become really what Rosa Parks sat on the bus for, and what the teenagers in Greensboro sat at the lunch counter for. Our country has changed beyond what it was and no one in the previous generations could have envisioned that our nation would become the predominately uneducated mass it has. Even our history books have become bastions of political correctness. Ask many of our young people what the American Civil War was about and I just about guarantee that you will hear the word slavery, but that issue was not the cause of the civil war and truthfully was a secondary thought as the war progressed. The cause of the Civil War were economic and social differences between the North and the South and the idea of a strong State government versus a strong Federal government. Anyone that thinks that the majority of soldiers in the confederacy were fighting to maintain slavery is as stupid as their fictitious causes of the war are. But yet we are led to believe that the North so valiantly fought for the rights of every human being. That is not only false, it is laughable. Now do not misunderstand me I am not saying that slavery was a good thing, I am merely pointing out that what we are taught in History classes is wrong, and of course since most kids are not learning anything in school in anyway does it really matter? If we would worry more about taking care of ourselves than what others are thinking or saying the world would be a lot better place. Sure there are bad people everywhere always have been and always will be. If we are truly equal and all races in the United States believe that we are equal why has there not been a white president of the NAACP? The truth is political correctness is used to cover the fact that racism is alive and well and the majority of the worst racists I have seen are members of minorities.

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