Honey Suckle & Blackberries

What a beautiful Friday here at Beggars Tomb! Today it appears we were able to trade liquid sunshine for real sunshine. The breeze today is both strong and refreshing as it carries with it the song of the feathered choir and the comforting aromas of honeysuckle and blackberry vines. As I sit here on my front porch listening to the whispers of nature, I can not help but be thankful for the gift of today. Sipping on my ever present cup of Earl Grey(it has to be Twinings) a song keeps playing through my mind. The tunes name is “Clouds”. If you have not heard of the song or the inspirational young man that wrote it I highly and humbly recommend that you listen to it and enjoy a true blessing from God. Zach Sobiech wrote the song for his family to remember him when he was gone and sadly on 5/20 at the age of 18 Zach finished his journey and went up, up , up into the clouds. The gift he gave us and the memory of such a fine young man is such that it can not be tarnished nor destroyed by death. Zach’s message he wanted to share with the world was simple; there is always hope. This young man was able to see joy in everything that he did and it would be beneficial for us all to listen and heed what he said, “You don’t have to find out your dying to live.”


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