JESUS OR MOHAMMAD? Who is greater and more important?


Jesus’ name means God is Savior, Immanuel-God with us as our Savior. 
Born about 4 BC. in Bethlehem Born of the Virgin Mary Isa.7:14 had no earthly father, Mt.1but conceived of the Holy Spirit. 
Raised by Mary His mother and Joseph, His adopted father . 
Prophesied by more than 300 scriptures for his first coming, fulfilled them all including Deut.18:15. 
Labored as a carpenter like his stepfather in Nazareth 
Spoke in Hebrew, Aramaic, and probably Greek 
Was literate, but wrote no books. He directly commissioned his dedicated followers  to write and preach His message. The Holy Spirit inspired them. 
Attracted multitudes by His teaching of God affirming the OT. Taught openly to multitudes as one having authority
Miracles and healing’s were given freely, he healed all kinds of diseases. 
Moved to Capernaum because of rejection by His townspeople and brothers and sisters 
Was never married nor lusted for a woman 
Lived a sinless life, never once prayed for forgiveness like other sinners, he forgave others.  
Waged no war, said his kingdom was not of this world so his followers should not fight. Jesus said those who live by the sword will die by the sword.  
Ordered the death of no one but instead died in place of the guilty murderer and all who have sinned. 
Established a religion of truth, mercy and love even for enemies, invites all to come to Him. 
Established a relationship with God and a spiritual kingdom not of this world that will last forever with him as the ruler. 
Died by crucifixion in place of others in Jerusalem at age 33 being totally innocent of any crime. 
Arose from the dead the third day just like he predicted, emptying His tomb, promises to raise everyone else and judge them. 
The Bible inspires people to seek peace and the Gospel is called the Gospel of peace. The God of the Bible offers His love gives us a choice to choose. He does not want anyone to perish in their sins. 
Jesus is mentioned in the Quran 97 times 
Jesus is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible 
Jesus is called a prophet, priest and King (king of all Kings) 
Old Testament predicts His 2nd coming in more Scriptures than his first, which are 600 detailed accounts. 
Over 1,500,000,000 claim to be His followers are known for their dedication, love, and caring for others. Building hospitals feeding the poor and helping to educate people all over the world showing the compassion of the God they serve. 
Christ prophesied of the end of the age and what it would be like when He comes again. He will save Israel from her enemies. The Old and  New Testament prophecies will be fulfilled by his 2nd coming. 


Mohammad’s name means praised one
Born of Aminah In 570 A.D. in Mecca
Raised by his mother, Halima the nurse, then his uncle and grandfather
Muslims believe Mohammad is prophesied as the Comforter. And the prophet of Deut.18:15
His father was named Abd Allah after Allah. Started as a shepherd then became a camel-caravan leader
Spoke only Arabic, Muslims say he was illiterate
Was literate;  an angel called Gabriel delivered the message. Wrote the Quran or as some say others heard his sayings and wrote them down as well.
Attracted multitudes by his teaching and by the sword forcefully overthrowing the worship of multiple Gods.
The Koran is his miracle. Did no miracles of healing or delivering people from demons.
Had to move to Medina because of rejection by his townspeople
Married to at least fifteen wives one of which was only 9 years old at the time.
Prayed often for forgiveness of his sins as did all the prophets in the Old Testament and New Testament .
Mohammad was a warrior who waged war numerous holy wars (Jihad) against infidels and pagans. Fighting or leading in sixty-six battles to spread his message of monotheism
Ordered the death of many men and women (the first was a poetess) to promote the message of monotheism among the pagans.
Established a monotheistic belief system, an earthly empire teaching all must obey the teachings of the Koran.
Established a religion of God being compassionate and merciful  to the obedient but there are no guarantees for anyone.
Died in Medina due to effects of pneumonia at age 62
Still lingers in his grave awaiting the Day of Judgment by Jesus.
The Qu’ran condones fighting for God and the cause of Islam when necessary.  It promotes genocide death to infidels and pagans and those who do not accept Islam when it is offered.
Mohammad is mentioned in the Qu’ran 25 times
Mohammad is mentioned not once in the Bible
Mohammad is called an apostle in the Qu’ran and a prophet in Islam
Mohammad had only one self fulfilling prophecy, nothing in the Old Testament predicted his coming.
1 billion are followers who are dedicated, zealous and still use force if necessary against non Muslims in their land where Islam is the countries religion.
There is no teaching on Mohammad coming back again to rule or reign. Islam actually teaches Christ is coming back.

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