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I get many questions when people see the web address on my business card or in a link somewhere.  The ones I get the most are, “What is it? and Why Beggars Tomb as name? You must be a big Grateful Dead fan?

This website is a collection of projects I have dabbled in ranging from various writing projects to 3D animation and character creation.  The main writing focused site has spun off of this page and can be found by clicking the “Press” button in the menu.  That will take you to the publishing imprint.  We have currently completed 3 projects and have more in the process.

The second question I get probably more than any though is Why did you name / call it Beggars Tomb?  The answer tot hat question is really simple; it is the nickname given to the house and surrounding property I have been blessed enough to live most of my life on.  The nickname was given to the property as a constant reminder of the awesomeness of our Savior Jesus Christ!  It is to remind me that even our Savior could not afford to buy a tomb when he was crucified and was buried essentially in a Beggar’s Tomb before he rose again to conquer death and the grave bringing us salvation.

So as you visit the various pages that are here now and that will be forth coming in the days and months ahead I hope you enjoy them.  If you are looking for previous posts that appeared in one of the earlier versions of this site, let me know and I will re-post or provide a links o you can see it as I am working to repopulate the historical posts into the current blog.  It is a slow process as they were individual HTML pages and have to be imported manually.  These number in the thousands so it will be a gradual slow process.

If you read something you agree with let me know, if you don’t agree with me still let me know.  I am always learning and love discussing everything from politics to religion and even an odd movie or TV show every now and again.  I wish you all the best and I hope you enjoy your stay at Beggars Tomb!

About Me

I was born in the South on a summer day in July with the cicadas serenading me. I spent my early years in North Carolina enjoying the sweltering heat of the summer and the refreshment of a cold RC Cola, and the frigid depths of our 70 degree winters where I was worried I would get my tongue stuck to a flag pole like the kid in that movie. My family taught me the two most important lessons of life I ever learned, which are how to laugh and how to love.

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